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Current Music:Sgt. Barry Sadler - The Ballad Of The Green Berets
Current Location:Work
Subject:Der Update
Time:11:16 am
Current Mood:groovy
Like the Rice-man said: "And so it is..."

The big 3-0 was reached in the company of good friends, last Saturday night where the booze flowed, the food was plentiful (thanks to the best mother-in law in the world!) and the good boys in Hraun(!) showed up to serenade the assembled crowd with delicious melodies and etheral voices. Dollars, in all manner of denominations, were the most popular birthday gift and thanks to a number of friends and family members, I'll have loads of flash money in NYC.

Below, pics from the party.

And in addition, the photographich bonanza of last month:

King Psycho cat, a funky feline I met one foggy Sunday morning

A black and white Sunday, pictures from a foggy Reykjavík morning.

80's galore! A glorious 80's party at Bragi and Kristjana's place

And finally a trip to Geysir and Gullfoss with Heiða, Jennifer and Eric.

And as a special bonus, here's the margarine update (chronicling the weight-loss since the new year in 500 bricks of margarine)

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Current Music:Alanis Morissette - Wunderkind
Subject:a familiar place......one year later
Time:09:15 pm
Current Mood:working
On a foggy sunday morning....

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Current Music:Alexandre Desplat - Syriana
Subject:A little late but....
Time:10:59 pm
Current Mood:Romantic
A belated Valentine for you romantics out there, photographed with my Sony Ericsson W800 camphone ;)
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Current Music:Bobby Darin - Don't Rain On My Parade
Subject:And the butter melts still...
Time:06:22 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy

The journey to a two digit weight (in kilograms mind you ;) goes on and so far everything is going splendidly. Hopefully I will have to have my suit altered a bit before the big Iceland Telecom annual employee ball in March.

As before, measured in 500 gram bricks uf margarine, the weight loss so far:


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Current Music:John Williams - Letter Bombs
Subject:not dead, just resting my eyes a bit
Time:07:55 pm
Current Mood:working

WTF? January is soon drawing to a close and my how the time passes. To bring everybody up to speed:

Stil in school, taking 2 courses now instead of 5, gives me a bit more time on the side to get fit.

Setting my sights on a trip to New York in May, been a long time since I was there last and I want to take Heiða there, stay in a good hotel, chilling in Central Park and walking up and down Manhattan.

As the snow melts, the bike will get it's workout as I attempt to break the speed record from my home to the office. The record stands at 11 minutes 45 seconds. Barring unfortunate encounters with buses and policecars, I will crack the record come spring.

I am currently watching the highly enjoyable season 5 adventures of the modern day incarnation of Job. I swear, the man does not get a break. Ever. Godspeed mr. Bauer, hope you get to experience at least one dull day :)

PS: ever wonder why they call it Iceland?

My balcony, a few days ago:


PPS: Here's the weight I've lost so far in January, measured in 500g bricks of margarine.

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Current Music:Fairport Convention - I don't know where I stand
Subject:Practical info for the juvenile psychopath.
Time:03:46 pm

So here I am, channel hopping on a dim January day when to my amazed eyes, a police officer is appearing on the 6 o'clock children's program. More amazingly, he seems to have brought a straitjacket with him.

Disturbed but strangely interested, I watch as the policeman proceeds to fit the straitjacket unto a rather creepy looking young man.

And the next few minutes feature the creepy young man trying to rid himself of the straitjacket.


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Current Music:Toys - The Closing Of The Year
Subject:New Year's Eve 2005 - bum clouds, party and the closing of the year
Time:11:43 pm
Current Mood:relaxedrelaxed

So how wild was the New Year's Eve party?

Click above for more pics and remember this pearl of wisdom for the year that has just begun:

"The man who always keeps both feet on the ground will never go anywhere."

A very happy new year to everyone and anyone :)

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Subject:On the pond on Christmas
Time:04:21 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent

As the late and often great Peter Sellers once said:  Birdie Num Num!

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Current Music:Hraun - Höldum Jól
Subject:Christmas eve and all is still....
Time:04:56 pm
Current Mood:festive

Straight from 105 Reykjavík, the creepiest Christmas decoration ever:

The snowman in  a bubble......*shudder*


Anyways. Just over a year ago, I made a journal entry about the 13 Icelandic Yule-Lads, strange and somewhat frightening fellows out of Icelandic folklore. This year, my Christmas card project consisted of essaying these characters in photographs. Time and laziness intervened and cut the lads down to only 8, but here they are in all their twisted glory.

From the fifth floor on the rock in the N-Atlantic, I wish you all a peaceful holiday and the grooviest of new years.


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Current Music:Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska
Time:06:35 pm
Current Mood:working

And there it was, all green and shiny.

At first we were like two peas in a pod.

but then we drifted apart......Polly wanted a cracker.

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[icon] Sans Katana
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View:Website (Logan v. 2.0).
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